Creative Wick Music Academy 2019

In the Spring of 2019, Creative Wick recruited 12 young East Londoners to work with some of Hackney Wick’s best musicians and producers to make some music.

In only seven, two hour workshops over 8 weeks, they wrote and produced more than 10 tracks before performing them live in a series of public concerts.

With many thanks to IQL, Lend Lease, Studio 9294, Wick Radio, Rudi Falla and all the professional writers, producers, musicians, engineers and technicians who made this possible, but most of all thanks to the students themselves.  This is what they created…


Therapy by Marls, 22. Singer and spoken word artist. Producers: Marvin Yeboah and Ryan Shallow

Don’t Know by Gavin, 16. Singer and rapper. Producers:  Marvin Yeboah and Ryan Shallow

I Should Never by Opah, 16. Multilingual singer and rapper who also plays the piano and guitar.  Producers: Rudi Falla and Hugh Fothergill

Day II by Raphael, 16. Young budding electronic producer.  Producers: Rudi Falla and Hugh Fothergill

Aint Got Time by Leo MG + Alias, both 18. Talented rappers and producers in their own right and a power duo with high energy performances.  Producer: Stephane Forbes

Horrid by Husk, 16. Hungry motivated rapper with videos and demos on social media.  Producers: Marvin Yeboah and Ryan Shallow

Do What I Like by Jordxn, 18. Female Rapper who can hold her own and commands attention on stage.  Producers: Stephane Forbes and Essie B

Red Cup by SB, 18. Rapper with slick bravado lyrics.  Producer: Stephane Forbes

Patterned by Solomon, 20. Singer, rapper and guitarist. Passionate musician ready to make a Disney soundtrack. Producers: Marvin Yeboah and Ryan Shallow

Toronto by Runrummer, 24. Singer and budding producer with early online releases showing the breadth of her talent.  Producers: Liv Mia, Rudi Falla and Hugh Fothergill

Click the Soundcloud icon to hear the tracks:


Click the Wick Radio logo to hear the live recording of the Creative Wick Music Academy concert at Studio 9294 on 9th May 2019

Wick Radio

With grateful thanks to Lend Lease, IQL, The Number Group, Main Yard Studios, Studio 9294, Wick Radio, course leader Rudi Falla, project manager Josephine Chime as well as Tongtong, Fab, Hackney Quest, The Wickers, Sam, Ryan, Marvin, Essie, Marcello, Richard, Tom, Naomi, Lia, Nina, Stephane, Stewart, Hugh, Cath, Nick, Matteo, Joe, Manny, Tori, Remi, Bruno, Paul, Jean-Guy, Vanessa, Jessie, Dav, Catalina, Miranda, Lawrence, Harriet, Olivia, Chantel, Simon, Claudia, Remi, Adam and Lucy who made it possible.  Thank you all!

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